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Magic of Amy Harmon. What The Wind Knows Book Review.

What The Wind Knows

It’s my first time reviewing any book on my blog, I don’t usually do that. And yes, I am abandoning myself from slapping any stars to any of my favourite books which I am going to review here from now on.

So, let me connect myself back to What The Wind Knows by Amy Harmon. First of all the thing I want to say about this book is, it has stolen my heart (it may sound cringe but yeah that’s what it did) A book so stunning, so mesmerizing that it blurred the line between reality and fiction. I can’t stop singing praises about this one. Amy Harmon’s poetic writing style, her word choices, whoa!

What The Wind Knows is a story about love, loss and hope. It’s a story about Anne Gallagher and Thomas Smith. I am not going to spill the spoilers over here, but let me give you an outline of this outstandingly beautiful book:

Anne Gallagher, at the age of six started living with her grandfather Eoin, after the sudden demise of her parents. She grew up listening to the fascinating tales of Ireland and its history from her grandfather. Before dying her grandfather demanded a promise from Anne, she has to spread his ashes in his homeland, where he want to rest in peace. To satisfy his last wish, Anne moves to Ireland and that’s when the story takes a charming turn. I don’t wanna reveal further, but yes I am delighted. I have never been so captivated by a book like I am by What The Wind Knows.

Lots of hearts and Roses for this one. Amy Harmon, hands down.


My debut book THE SEVEN KINDS is live now. Finally.

Exactly six months ago, when I sat in front of my laptop to write this book, I wasn’t sure if I am going to publish it at all. At first, my plan was to publish it as a blog post, but as I started writing, different kinds of ideas poured into my mind, and I ended up with seven stories. 

Stories, which both scared the daylights out of me(well I hope it would spook out my readers too :P) and made me care about my main characters. 

Every story in this book is really special to me, but there’s one particular story SANDHYA. This one is really really close to my heart. I would not say it is wholly based on a true story, but yes, some of the incidents are loosely based with one of my friends’ life. Anyway, I will talk about it in my next post. 


I really hope you would be kind enough to read my book. It’s on Amazon Kindle. And share your views with me.

Stay happy, smile more. XOXO 🙂